Layouts & Examples

Using pre-built standardised layout designs allows us to develop your website quickly and keep our prices very low. We have developed a flexible layout that we use for building websites for our customers. This has been refined and updated for 2023. This layout can be customised to suit your content, your branding and your goals for the website. If you prefer a completely bespoke layout and design, please contact us for a quote.

Base Layout

This is the base layout that we start with. It can be modified to suit your needs.

Example of Base Layout (computer screen):

Example of Base Layout (mobile screen):

Example 2 (including 2023 layout updates):

Examples of websites we have built

The following are some examples of websites built using our flexible layout as a starting point:

Example 1 – Australian Migration Consultancy Services

Example 2 – Moore Flooring

Example 4 – eight73 consulting

Example 4 – Coppertop Plumbing

Note about the above examples

Note that although the above examples use elements of the same basic layout, the end result is unique for each example. We use our pre-built templates as a starting point but customise and modify these to match your existing branding and preferences and to suit the content and goals of your website.