How do we do website design for so cheap?

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As we say on the home page ‘We work smart – You save!!!‘. So how do we work smart?

We use the ‘best of breed’ web development software and platforms

Years of experience in developing websites have lead us to discover some of the best web development software and platforms. This allows us to deliver cutting edge websites that can easily be expanded to handle almost any requirement that you can think of, and at the same time develop these websites in a highly efficient and timely manner. Our tools and platforms are carefully chosen to avoid bloat and promote rapid web development. In short, the software that we have carefully chosen helps us to get the job done faster.

Our years of experience with these tools results in increased efficiency

Working at developing a wide range of websites with diverse requirements means that we developed a very high level of expertise using our chosen web development software and tools. This allows to quickly identify and develop solutions to satisfy diverse business needs. In short, our experience helps us to work faster.

We follow the principal of reuse

This the key principal behind Rapid Websites. In typical web site design and development there is much time spent to repetition. Typically a web designer starts with a blank canvas and spends many hours creating a new design from scratch. Our approach at Rapid Websites is to design a number of elegant and flexible website templates in advance that can be easily customised to suite any business image and branding requirements. On the functionality side of things we have pre-developed modules that can handle most of the website functionality requirements that businesses typically need. All of this saves us a huge amount of time verses starting from scratch which we can pass on to you as huge cost savings. In short, we re-use design and standard functionality in order to be able to create websites in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost.

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