Starter Package

All you need to get a professional website up and running.

  • Base Website Setup
  • Web Hosting for 6 months
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Google Analytics setup

See below for more details of the individual items


Standard Package


  • Base Website Setup
  • Web Hosting for 12 months
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Contact Form
  • Email Setup for your domain name
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Photo Gallery
  • Blog/News section
  • Google Map
  • Responsive design (mobile friendly layouts)

See below for more details of the individual items

A La Carte


Base Website Setup

The base website is a standard informational website with a single tier navigation menu and a number of informational pages.
The website is built on an easy to use Content Management System (CMS) which allows you to edit and expand your website.
Setup includes adding content (text and images provided by you) on up to 5 pages. The website is expandable and you can add additional pages yourself or we can do it for a small extra charge.
We provide you with an instruction manual for managing your website using the CMS.
Note that a domain name and website hosting are required (see below).

Web Hosting

24 months paid in advance
12 months paid in advance
6 months paid in advance

Domain Name Registration

We can register a domain name for you for a period of 1 year at a 3rd party domain name registrar and provide you with the account details for managing the domain name. You will be responsible for renewing the domain for future years. You can also provide us with the details of your existing domain name if you already have one registered.

Add Ons / Extras


Extra Pages Setup

The websites that we build are expandable and you can choose to add extra pages yourself using the CMS or we can do it for you. The packages include setup of up to 5 pages, so this option is available if you need more than five pages.


Contact Form

An online form that site visitors can use to contact you directly from the website. It sends you an email and stores the details submitted in the website database. See example on demo site


Photo Gallery

We can install a photo gallery and load it with up to 20 images supplied by you. See example on demo site


Blog/News section

A blog is a section on your website where you can add regular posts which are displayed as a list of post summaries with most recent post on top. Each psot summary links to the full post which appears on it’s own page. See example on demo site


Training session (by Phone)

An instruction manual is provided with your website which explains how to manage and update your website. We also provide an additional option of a training session over the phone. The session duration is 45 mins to 1 hr.


Email Setup for your domain name

This includes up to two POP email accounts with 50MB of storge per account. Alternatively we can set up mail forwarding to your existing email account.


Google Analytics setup

Google Analytics is an advanced website reporting tool that shows you who has been on your website, how they found it, how they explored it, and how you can enhance their visitor experience. We can create a Google Analytics account for you and install it on your website.


Responsive Website Layout (Mobile Device optimised display)

A responsive layout is one that adapts to suit different screen sizes. Responsive layouts have become a common feature of modern websites due to the increase in use of smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices.


Two tier navigation

One level of navigation is all that is needed for a small website but larger websites may need to organise content into different tiers of navigation. In a 2 tier navigation structure you have top level pages and under some of the top level pages are sub-pages so you need a second navigation menu to navigate to the sub-pages.

(up to 6 pages, $10/additional page)

Unique header images for each page

The base website setup comes with the same header image accross all the pages of the website. If you select this option, you can have different header images in each page. You will need to provide suitible images.


Footer navigation menu

An additional separate navigation menu can be added to the footer.


Google Map

Adding a Google map on your contact page can help people find you.

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